the bottom line

all work is billed at $100 per hour. total cost of a project will vary with the amount of time, labor and materials involved

Frequently Asked Questions

What, exactly, will I get for my money?

every file associated with your project. you paid for it, you own it

Why do you require a 50% advance payment?

a customer who has invested some money remains more focused on the project's progress

Who will update/maintain the site?

you or your staff. we do have affordable monthly maintenance plans available, if you're interested

Do we really need to sign a contract?

yes. it's the only protection either party has

Do you charge exclusively by the hour?

we prefer to charge by the hour, but will happily accept a flat-fee arrangement

I got a much lower estimate from another firm. Can you match it?

not being familiar with the details of the other estimate, we can't objectively compare or match prices

Are there any hidden charges?

absolutely not. we don't like 'surprises'. neither do our clients

Can you work on my WordPress site?

no. sorting out somebody else's code is too expensive for us and our clients

Will you submit my site to search engines?

no, because results can't be guaranteed

My question isn't here. What should I do?

Please, feel free to contact us